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#LovePasta: Celebrating the Pasta Month with good food and arts Food Life and Style 

#LovePasta: Celebrating the Pasta Month with good food and arts

Pasta has always been part of the Filipino family table; it is deemed incomplete if there is no hefty serving of al dente goodness present during a celebration.

In honor of the Italian food heritage, Doña Elena organized another celebration tribute for our well-loved food with the #LovePasta campaign.

This year’s celebration was held in Sip & Gogh in  Makati. They incorporated pasta and arts for this year’s theme to highlight what Doña Elena really is—an artfully made pasta.

The event was celebrated with good food, amazing companions, and great stories to share. In addition, Chef Chris Locher graced the event with his presence and demonstrated various sumptuous pasta recipes you can whip up at home using Doña Elena products.


Chef Chris preparing a Doña Elena speciality.

Chef Chris plating the finished dish.

The session was succeeded with an art challenge that allows the participants to interact with one another.


Art set-up at Sip & Gogh.

Painting session demonstration during the #LovePasta event.

For four years, the Pasta month celebration of Doña Elena was the forerunner of all the Pasta month celebrations in the country. It has become an annual gastronomical occasion showcasing their famous Al Dente pasta, which means “firm to the bite” in Italian.

Made with 100% durum wheat semolina, Doña Elena pasta is done with the traditional longer process; using bronze dies which leaves the rough edges on the pasta, enabling the sauce cling better to the pasta, making it more flavorful. It is also all-natural and free from GMO ingredients; delicious pasta made healthy!

A day celebrated with food and arts is a day well spent!

Celebrate your love for pasta during this pasta month with Doña Elena. To know more about Doña Elena, visit their Facebook page:




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