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Is he lying to you? Let his body language speak the truth Culture 

Is he lying to you? Let his body language speak the truth

It’s difficult to discern truth from lie, especially if it’s from someone we love. When you’re trapped in a situation wherein you don’t know what to believe anymore, understand that there are other languages people subtly speak – the body language. Actions speak louder than words, as the old saying goes. And when it comes to honesty, having the ability to read body language will give you enormous clue as to what he’s really thinking. Here are just some of the few clues that show he’s lying:



1.Feet are pointed away

Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst and body language expert, explains that feet pointing away from your direction may potentially mean that he wants to get away from the situation. It may also show he’s being uncomfortable and nervous. “This is one of the key ways to detect a liar. Just look at their feet and you can tell a lot”, she said.


2.Giving indirect answers

Answering indirectly to simple questions indicates a red flag. For example, you may ask him “Where were you last night?”, if he answers with “I didn’t stay too long in the party” he may either be defensive (in reaction to the tone of your voice,) or simply hiding something.

3. Holds your gaze

Liars know that not keeping eye contact may indicate that they’re lying, so to compensate with this idea, they tend to stare into your eyes for an uncomfortably long time. They do this to support the idea that they have nothing to hide, not realizing that it’s giving them away instead.


Again if you ask him a very direct question, such as “are you cheating on me?”, and he pauses for a period of time before answering, he might have been thinking of a good answer in disguise of a thoughtful reflective look.

5.Restless (900×506)

Body language expert, Janine Driver, says that “a liar doesn’t want you to examine what he says closely.” As such, he may attempt to cover this uncomfortable feeling by covering his face with his hand, crossing his arms, stroking his chin, and other gestures.

6. He repeats some words or phrases

When they’re explaining their side, liars tend to repeat some words, phrases or idea in trying to convince you, and especially themselves, of their made-up story. Look out for phrases such as “I didn’t” and “but” when they speak.

7. He gives too much information.TNMCoupleArgueBlame_feature-588x260.jpg (588×260)

When he gives information more than you’re asking him, there’s a high chance that he’s not telling the truth. Liars tend to overwhelm you with details to make them seem believable and honest.

8. He goes along with the change of subject

Try changing the subject unexpectedly, liars tend to simply relax and follow the conversation flow. However, an innocent person may get confused for a while then would want to get back to the previous subject.

Analyzing whether people are lying or not is not a black and white subject. If you want to detect if someone is lying, you need first to understand the person’s normal behavior, facial expression, speech patterns, and others.



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