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Maureen Wroblewitz wins Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5 Beauty Entertainment 

Maureen Wroblewitz wins Asia’s Next Top Model Season 5

After five seasons, a Filipina has finally reigned supreme!

Asia’s Next Top Model has finally crowned the Cycle 5 winner on Wednesday, and it is  Maureen Wroblewitz from the Philippines.

After 13 weeks worth of challenges versus other strong Asian models, Maureen becomes the first Filipina to win the competition, and with four best photos to bring home.

Shikin Gomez from Malaysia and Minh Tu Nguyen of Vietnam joined the Filipina model on the final leg of the competition. Two more Filipinas joined the cycle but unfortunately, they were eliminated in the early stages of the competition.


“More than just a pretty face”

Despite the tension between the Filipina Model and a few Asian contestants, Maureen has successfully overcome those lemons.

Maureen, who was insecure and bullied in the competition, became this fierce lady that made her dreams come true. She has proven that harsh words from other people can motivate you to do better in making your dreams come true.

“I deserve to be here and I deserve to be the next Asia’s Next Top Model” – Maureen Wroblewitz


Congratulations Maureen, the first Filipina winner in AsNTM history!



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