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Mga kapitbahay! Apple iOS 11 has arrived and it’s better than ever! Technology 

Mga kapitbahay! Apple iOS 11 has arrived and it’s better than ever!

Friends, there are no fears and regrets for this update

Apple has introduced its new iOS 11 update in September 2017. As if controlling the current iOS isn’t hard enough for us humans, they also added a lot of different features that could help everybody with Apple products.

The latest upgrade would be available for iPhone 5 models and up, iPad Air and Pro, iPad5, iPad mini 2 and sixth generation iPods.

Here are some big and small improvements to the system so sit tight and we’ll list it for you.

Redesigned control center

The control center has a simpler look and de-cluttered like the previous iOS. It fits on a single page with key functions and added customization options.

Smarter Siri

Meet the new Siri, the virtual assistant is getting a makeover for the new iOS update. It can translate speech including English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian which is handy when one’s traveling. iOS 11 Siri, could spot interests and be used for task management, take notes and scan QR codes.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This is the new driver safety feature from the iOS 11. The user’s iPhone screen turns black whenever someone’s messaging them and sending automatic replies when they’re on the road. It is a helpful feature that helps drivers stay focused on the road.

Indoor Maps and lane guidance

Apple is introducing detailed indoor maps in iOS 11. Indoor maps let you find restaurants, bathrooms and other locations in selected airports and malls around the world. With a new lane guidance feature, it will let you know what lane you should be in so you’ll never miss a sudden turn or exit.

Screen record

The standout feature of the upgrade. When still captures or screenshots are not enough, you can now record what you’re doing or seeing at the moment. It is truly helpful if someone asks How-To’s on their phones, you can now send a short clip of you doing it.

Note that there other new features worth looking out for. Try it now and you might see its worth the hype and could be useful for your everyday living.



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