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Too lazy to go on a date this Valentine’s? Binge-watch movies instead! Entertainment Movies and TV 

Too lazy to go on a date this Valentine’s? Binge-watch movies instead!

Netflix and chill, anyone?

It’s nice to spend time with that special someone on valentine’s day. The day is just filled with that weird feeling and you can’t help but spend some time with your favorite human that day. There’s a slight problem, though; it falls on a weekday and on petsa de peligro.

Valentine’s day is not a special non-working holiday so you’re definitely going to have to go to work or school. Also, it might a little tight on the budget. But there’s still hope. You can still enjoy the day of love with someone very important, even if that someone is you.

Here are 8 movies that will level up the kilig factor at your movie marathon date. Just cozy up in bed, get your food binge on, and let the feels trip begin.


This is one of the cutest feel good movie you will see. It’s about a girl who fell in love with a boy at first sight back when they were still young. The story revolves around the lives of the two main characters up until their teenage years. What makes this movie different is that the story is presented from two points of view; which is the girl’s and the boy’s. Maybe then you’ll have a better understanding of how the opposite sex feels.

A Walk to Remember

This is just one of the most beautiful movies ever. It involves your typical studious girl and typical rebel guy, but with a totally unexpected twist. Not to mention one of the best music scoring, too. It actually gave a new light to Switchfoot’s Only Hope through the angelic voice of Mandy Moore. Get some tissue ready, though, because this one’s a tearjerker.

Little Manhattan

Another cute little-unexpected love story comes from a very young Josh Hutcherson in this movie. It is all about a young boy and how young boys see and interpret first love. This little guy might even give you an idea on how to go on a simple yet romantic date with your significant other.

Ever After

Almost everybody knows how Cinderella goes, but this rendition gives a version that will go straight to your heart. From stepmother to losing her shoe, this movie gives that nostalgic feeling as it reminds you of one of the most well-loved Disney classics. However, there are a lot more to the story that only this movie was able to tell. Like how prince charming doesn’t always do the saving.

50 First Dates

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore? Now, you know that this is going to tickle your funny bone. But this movie is not just all laugh. It is a love story like no other. It also gave light to another song by the Beach Boys, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”.

Maid in Manhattan

This will probably remind you of one of those Mexican or Spanish telenovelas you used to watch in afternoons. It involves a maid, as stipulated in the title, and a famous politician who falls in love with her. It’s a lot more complicated than that when a huge lie throws their whole whirlwind romance unfolds.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Music is one of the means for people to connect. I mean, if you meet someone who has the same taste in music as you do, you just instantly connect. That is the whole premise of this movie. What are the odds that you develop something out of a 5 minute pretend relationship deal?


This last movie is filled with magic, but the feelings are just as real. The story revolves around a star. No, it’s not a celebrity. It’s a literal star. And the man who fell in love with the star. This description may be confusing, but you’ll get it when you watch the movie.


With or without a lover, these movies will put you on a feels trip as intense as the love between the lead characters. However, if you’re with your special someone, this could be the perfect opportunity to let them know how they feel through these movies.

But if you’re strong and single, then this is the perfect way to have some me time. Maybe even put on a little face mask while watching the movies with some cheese and a bottle of wine.

Whatever way you plan to watch them or celebrate this day, always remember that it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s for you to show your love for your significant other or even for yourself. You can spread the love all year round! Photo from StockSnap.Io

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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