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Music Movement: Taratogs Is Here Entertainment Music 

Music Movement: Taratogs Is Here

“[Music], universal language yan eh. Kahit ibang lenggwahe basta music nagkakaintindihan na kayo.”

[“Music is the universal languange. No matter what languange you speak, as long as there’s music, you will understand each other.”]

It was the evening of September 25 when good music filled the air at Chivz Music Lounge, marking two milestones of Arnel Pineda’s career—the official launch of Taratogs online music community and his newest music video, Owe. But more importantly, it was a celebration of music– the Filipino’s second tongue.

Close friends, musicians, and other invited guests flocked to the exclusive launch but fans around the globe also got to join in on the soundtrip courtesy of Taratogs and Comm&Sense’s social media party with the hashtag #TaratogsTuganNa and Facebook live stream.

“Bakit may Taratogs? It’s because [of] our passion for music and [the] desire to help others na sobrang gagaling…at para ma-present nila yung artwork nila at mai-expose namin [sila] sa bigger audience” Arnel stated in an interview.

[“Why do we have Taratogs? It’s because of our passion for music and the desire to help other very talented local talents to present their artwork and expose them to a bigger audience”]

Arnel’s “partner-in-crime”, Jaeger Tanco, also expressed the same passion for the craft; the very reason why he believed and supported Taratogs’ vision.

“As you can see, passion does not come from only those who can sing; music is everywhere and this is something that’s common…so, it’s that…” He said.

As the men behind Taratogs, Arnel and Jaeger got the inspiration from American Idol and The Voice, tv programs that gives opportunity to young hopefuls but in a more localized and interactive setting.

“[Taratogs] is one step to opening up the doors to people who are interested to start showing us their talent.” Tanco continued.

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It is all about the music and, indeed, the spotlight shone brightly on the guest indie performers;  Demi and The Voice Kids Philippines alumna Arianna Ocampo. Other artists from the line up were Luncheon who performed their original compositions, Crayonz pumped up the crowd with Eurythmic’s Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), and Chunky Monkey’s rendition of The Killer’s Mr. Brightside.

Arnel also showed his rock star prowess, performing classic rock anthems such as Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You, Sampaguita’s Nosi Balasi, The Dawn’s Salamat, Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, and his very own song, Ewan Ko Ba.

After his solo, Arnel invited the crowd to an open jam session. It was a dream come true for everyone present– to belt out OPM Rock medleys with Arnel onstage. Music really transcends classes and boundaries and this is what Taratogs aims for.

“Hopefully there will be a music festival or maybe we’ll be able to manage bands, singers of all genres. We want our music to be rich as possible.” Arnel said.

Before ending the show, Arnel thanked the crowd and event partner, Comm&Sense, for their support along with his live performance of “Owe.”

Seeing the potential and talent of Filipino artists in all genres, Arnel established Taratogs to be an avenue for aspiring musicians, even from Visayas and Mindanao, to interact and share tips, ideas, and music.

“Right now, we want to get their interest in music. Moving forward, we want to reach not only the metro area but also the small provinces and maybe out of the Philippines…if there’s war, it’s music that holds peace together” Tanco said.

Music of all genres is alive and well in the hearts of the Filipinos, and Taratogs is the venue for Filipino artists to explore, share ideas, give advice, and simply enjoy what they love. Arnel is ever optimistic about his plans for Taratogs to become bigger and connect more artists to their community.

Check out Taratogs social media accounts and be part of the music movement!


IG and Twitter: @tara_togs




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