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NINE Filipino Artists on Facebook to brighten up you day Viral 

NINE Filipino Artists on Facebook to brighten up you day

While memes are becoming the Kings in social media (they’re literally everywhere, but we’re not complaining!), original illustrations/short comics has also been a trend not only on tumblr, but also on Facebook and Twitter. If you happen to be a fan of comics and memes on facebook, you’ll probably love these guys because of their art style, sense of humor, and wit, too!





If you’re into light-hearted comics, we have Pekoiman. The artist became known after his hit comics series, “Sago Serye.” He also has comics series “Lola Basher” and “Alamat daw ng Gatas” that will surely keep you occupied whenever you’re bored. He also has his own version of 4Pic1Word so if you’re in for a little mystery gaming, head to his page now.




Superelmer’s sense of humor is a combination of mean jokes and creative illustration. Some of his comics may be relatable, but sometimes he’s just like that one mean friend in your squad who always would always love to pick on you. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from Superelmer, so you can get back on your mean friend. 🙂



If you’re looking for something absolutely relatable to the Filipino culture, then Tungaga is the one for you. Tunganga’s short comics will take you to another perspective in life. Aside from witty dialogues, he likes to make fun of inanimate objects by bringing them to life in his comics.



Riyokki’s illustrations cater to a more “millennial audience” especially those who are into “hugots”. Her illustrations have a sort of pastel palette that makes it more relatable to a lot of young Filipinos. Aside from funny memes and posts, she is also sending very meaningful messages through her illustrations.


Little Things PH

If you’re someone who likes short comics about love and romance, Little Things PH is your match. The illustrations revolve around Beb (Boyey) and Beby (Girly), a couple with a lot of cute and kilig happenings in their life. So, if you’re a hopeless romantic, then you know where to go.


Ambula Art

Ambula’s illustrations are usually focus on hugot, politics and true to life episodes. Her art, no matter how satirical some are, will still bring a smile on your face.



Hunghang Flashbacks


Who wouldn’t love these colorful illustrations by Hunghang Flashbacks? HF presents illustrations and style in humor that you might find a bit weird, but that’s one of the reasons why his comics are oh-so funny!



If you’re an artsy type and a socially opinionated person, you’re gonna love Huhsmile’s art. This artist creates short comics and memes which are appropriate in the current societal issue. She is also very vocal about her advocacies. Sometimes about her illustrations are about her hobbies and fandoms.


Overheard Comics

Overheard comics derive from the country’s trending topics. They create parodies through short comics and memes, too.




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