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Now’s The Time to Let Go of that Toxic Person in Your Life. Inspire 

Now’s The Time to Let Go of that Toxic Person in Your Life.

Come and share a slice of the 18” emotion-flavored pizza with me because I’m about to talk about something we all suppose 90% of the Earth’s living population could totally relate. Let’s keep the engine rolling while I’m mad, rad, and hella inspired to take this burden off my chest.

Oh, and promise me you’ll stay with me until the end especially since this post is only a thousand words or even less for your attention span’s sake.

First things first, let me ask you this question: have you ever met someone who: A) wrecks you on a physical, emotional and to a greater extent, psychological level; B) imposes an ultimatum on you to choose him / her or you’ll face grave consequences, C) does not give a sh*t about your feelings and needs at all but throws a fit when you don’t jive with his / her needs and desires, D) incessantly points the Finger of Doom (read: blame) on you irrespective of the circumstance, or E) treats or makes you feel worthless and in doubt every single time?

Have you answered one of the options or simply all of the above? Hush now, take off your rose-colored glasses and face the cold, hard-hitting truth: now is the perfect time to break free from the chains of the person bringing nothing but poison in your life.

Toxic people are aren’t worth your time and energy; excuses, perks and relationships be damned. Why stick with someone who only uses you to mask their flaws, preserve their pride and make them feel better about themselves when they can’t do it on their own? Is it reasonable for you to stand by the person whose selfishness is defined by their abominable apathy towards the people and things that matter to you? Why put your full trust on someone who’s never there at your darkest times? Most of all, why hesitate to associate with that individual who’s on a mission to make your life a facsimile of Dante’s Inferno?

The bottom line? Don’t let this leech be like the typical helicopter parent who’s controlling your every move. Toxic friends have no authority to dictate what to do with your damn life as if you are in The Sims. Don’t be the robot who’s overworked until you crash and burst into flames. You are a person with value, with self-worth. Anyone who doesn’t see and respect these essential qualities does not deserve someone like you.

As much as it pains us to admit it, weeding out the venom spewed by this poisonous being is part of a gradual healing process which begins with your initiative to reclaim the life they sucked out of you. The viable solution looks to be cutting him / her out of your life just like that.

But then again, there are better ways to let go of this toxic person without the need to burn bridges. Know your limitations and restate them to him / her without sparking an argument. Block, unfriend or unfollow them on social media without hesitation.  No need to keep up with their hot garbage on your news feed. Leave the memories of your superficial relationship alone in the past, move on and start with a clean slate. Life is so short to squander it away – what more when you grant someone the permission to cause great havoc to your entire being?

So please, if you do find yourself stuck in a similar situation, try to steer clear from the hazardous sponger in your life before it’s too late. Here’s to a bright, happy, peaceful life ahead of you.



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