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Open Your Heart and Ears to Original Pinoy Music Entertainment Inspire Music 

Open Your Heart and Ears to Original Pinoy Music

Original Pinoy Music isn’t dying but rather expanding and still growing over the years.

There’s a misconception about OPM being boring, old and “laos”. However, whenever you attend live gigs, you’ll see a lot of people jumping and screaming their hearts out to the songs. It’s not the sound of emptiness but the burning passion of the crowd.

OPM or Original Pinoy Music is produced by Filipino musicians and artists. It is a mix of different genres and language mainly Filipino and English. OPM is seen as a dying industry in the Philippines when in fact, there are many people supporting it.

Nowadays, artists and musicians treat their music as an art and not just a mere commodity. We may not see a long line of people outside music stores waiting for local bands to release an album unlike before but there are many ways to support our music industry.

In today’s age, people could listen to our local artists through various platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube. If you have free time, you can show your support attending their gigs (which is even free sometimes! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?) or buy their albums and merchandise. They don’t demand too much, your presence at the gig is mere enough. Even if they are struggling to be heard, the local bands are doing the best that they can to produce quality music despite the international competition.

It is not defined by what’s on the television, by what’s selling in record stores, or by what’s playing on the radio. It’s not based on ‘What’s Hot’ on the music charts but the mere fact that it could influence and touch people’s hearts, the way people could connect to it through its meaning and sounds, and on how people could cry their hearts out or do an infectious dancing because they’ve enjoyed the music.

There is warm and comfortable feeling whenever you go to a bar or small cafes to listen to them on their live gigs. You won’t even think for a second that OPM is dead. Look not into their faces but listen to what their songs are telling you. OPM is alive. OPM is always there and it’s not going anywhere. As long as there are passionate musicians and artists that despite the circumstances still wants to play then, OPM is still alive and kicking.

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