4 Ways To Level-up Your Nightlife Food Life and Style 

4 Ways To Level-up Your Nightlife

After long hours of work during the weekdays, there’s nothing more exciting than a Friday night. It’s like a rainbow after the rain—restoring your energy and making you look forward to the weekend. While some people lounge on the couch with their newly bought book, there are those who celebrate Friday nights with a liquor in hand, dancing to the beat of loud music. If you’re one of the latter, here are ways to spice up your nightlife experience. Bring friends! There’s truth behind the saying, “The more, the merrier!”…

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The poet is dead; long live Prosper Kristian Inspire 

The poet is dead; long live Prosper Kristian

Words by: Ramil Gulle and Meanne Rosales Interview by: Grace Adorable and Jay Denvher Soriano The tragic death of this young writer shows the urgency of properly treating depression. He was a literary prodigy who was admired and beloved by practically everyone he met. By all accounts, Prosper Kristian Tamonte was a brilliant writer, poet, and critic. He inspired many others by the beauty and insights in his poetry, the sharpness of his criticism during workshops, and his generosity in helping those who wished to learn to write. And he was…

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Ear Candy: Sam Smith drops new song “Pray” Entertainment Music 

Ear Candy: Sam Smith drops new song “Pray”

Are you ready to cry your hearts out? After Smith’s two-year hiatus and the release of his comeback single “Too At Goodbyes” (which broke our hearts, btw!), the 25 year old balladeer just dropped another tear-jerker single, Pray, that urged us to get more tissues. *sniff*   He also revealed his long awaited second album title “The Thrill of It All”, a 10-track LP which will be out on November 3 via Capitol Records, what a way to spook our hearts after Halloween, aye? And lastly, Sam Smith will be…

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Bookworms, Here are 3 new books to read this October! Life and Style 

Bookworms, Here are 3 new books to read this October!

Every once in a while, we encounter this same repeating problem: “What book to read next?” Well, the answer to your prayers has been heard and all you need to do is ready yourself because, I kid you not, this is the list you are waiting for your next book haul. Now, do yourself a favor and dig into these reads this month! Turtles All The Way Down by John Green “Always?” “Always.” A memorable line from his previous best-selling book, The Fault in Our Stars. And this time, John…

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Is this your first time renting your own pad? Well, don’t worry! Aside from practical reasons, all of us know that as part of the adulting stage, we at some point have to consider renting our own space (and being away from the fam for a while *sobs*) near school or workplace because we have to try going out of our comfort zone, to rely on our own decisions, and to discover more possibilities that lies ahead of us. That’s why, our dearest titas, it’s time to flaunt your frugal…

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#LovePasta: Celebrating the Pasta Month with good food and arts Food Life and Style 

#LovePasta: Celebrating the Pasta Month with good food and arts

Pasta has always been part of the Filipino family table; it is deemed incomplete if there is no hefty serving of al dente goodness present during a celebration. In honor of the Italian food heritage, Doña Elena organized another celebration tribute for our well-loved food with the #LovePasta campaign. This year’s celebration was held in Sip & Gogh in  Makati. They incorporated pasta and arts for this year’s theme to highlight what Doña Elena really is—an artfully made pasta. The event was celebrated with good food, amazing companions, and great…

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Steal Her Style: Shaira Luna is Cleaning Out Her Closet (Again)! Fashion Life and Style 

Steal Her Style: Shaira Luna is Cleaning Out Her Closet (Again)!

Are your pockets ready for this sale event? Crash your piggy banks and rearrange your closets as famous Pinay photographer and ukay-ukay enthusiast Shaira Luna, with other designer and stylist friends, are having an annual closet purge! Image source: Shaira Luna Facebook page   This means we can now score some designer clothes, shoes, shoot props, accessories and books with low prices which starts from 20 up to 3,000 pesos. (yes, you read that right!) Gather your friends, get your shopping bags ready, and over to Shaira’s two-day sale on…

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SOS! (Save Our Skins!) Beauty Life and Style 

SOS! (Save Our Skins!)

You can watch all the makeup tutorials you want, but honey, at some point you have to stop packing all that cosmetics on your face. Sometimes, you’d want to leave the house with nothing more than the skin on your face– and that might be hard if you aren’t confident barefaced. But don’t worry fam! We gotchu. Here are a few easy hacks to amp up your daily skin regimen. Sleep on your back We know how comfortable it is to sleep face down after a long day at work,…

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Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement Beauty Life and Style 

Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement

Everybody experiences bouts of insecurity at some point in their life; but there are specific people who bring others down for no apparent reason aside from because they want to or because they can. This is why the Body Positivity Movement is such a huge leap to knock down body shaming among people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and personal preferences. But after a little digging and reflection, some dark truths have become apparent about BPM. Its road, paving the way to self-love and confident self-awareness, definitely needs a little…

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How to be you, Marlou? Entertainment Viral 

How to be you, Marlou?

An expert plastic surgeon deduces the making of Xander Ford. Let’s be honest about a few things here: “Xander Ford” is the creation of a huge entertainment conglomerate; he’s not a real person but a fantasy meant to draw us into the latest showbiz money-making product; A lot of people may feel envious of Marlou Arizala, the bit actor and former member of boyband, HashT5. After all, he had surgical enhancements costing thousands of pesos all for free; and Seriously, some Filipinos are getting agitated over the possibility that God…

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