Manila Eagles on Top of Pro-gaming series 2017 Sports 

Manila Eagles on Top of Pro-gaming series 2017

Team Manila Eagles emerged victorious against Mineski League of Legends (LoL) at the championship round of the Bacchus Pro Gaming Series 2017 on July 30 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Aside from the 300,000 peso cash prize, Team Manila Eagles also earned the right to represent the Philippines at the Garena Premier League regional competition. The Eagles kept their undefeated record intact as they completed a reverse sweep comeback to win best-of-five-series highlight finale. Just before the finals series, Dong-A Korea and Dong-A Philippines officials made some…

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The K-Pop Invasion: Music, Idols and more Entertainment Music 

The K-Pop Invasion: Music, Idols and more

By: Marci Trio  They are hip, cute & cause a major “LSS” to everyone. via GIPHY  Filipinos’ love for K-Pop culture–whether music, TV shows, celebrities, fashion, and beauty–is stronger than ever. As usual, this is driven mainly by K-Pop music artists. Filipinos still go gaga over them because of their unique style of music & awesome dance moves. It started out as early as 1885 but began to click at early 2000’s by the birth of K-pop Idol Groups which we all love up until now. K-Pop has evolved into different…

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Dress In Style with Affordable Street Wear Fashion Fashion Life and Style 

Dress In Style with Affordable Street Wear Fashion

By: Kim Verana Many millennials likely have no idea that the “cool and trendy” streetwear they love is 30 to 40 years old. Streetwear was a grassroots cultural movement that actually began with California skaters and surfers in the late 1970s and early 80s. Essentially, streetwear started as an ensemble of ultra-casual, comfy pieces worn in the urban outdoors: T-shirts, jeans, baseball caps, sweaters, and sneakers. But since then, streetwear has been influenced by punk rock, hip-hop, Japanese and Korean street fashion, and even haute couture. The latter’s assimilation of…

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Beyond Dance: Discovering passion and art Culture Life and Style 

Beyond Dance: Discovering passion and art

By: Marci Trio Some people see dance as simply entertainment–but more than that, it can reach the level of Art. Whatever dance genre, be it ballet, cultural, ballroom, jazz or hip hop, I have always admired the uniqueness of their choreographies–from simple to complex movements and routines. I always wonder how dancers are able to bring life to these creative acts that combine music and movement. Every time I watch a dance performance, I am overcome by various feelings and emotions. It is amazing to think about how dancers use…

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Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita” Entertainment Movies and TV 

Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita”

BY: Kim Verana (Intern) Let’s get real: most people base their attraction on someone’s appearance before getting to know that person. Yes, we hear people say that what counts is the beauty “on the inside” but more often it seems Jim Carrey’s character in “Liar Liar” was right: that’s just something ugly people say. In the movies, the handsome or pretty one gets to be the lead character. The reinforces the notion a good physical appearance should always be appreciated rather than personality. The hit rom-com “Kita Kita” has changed…

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Aww. UST. Say what you want to say but when those three letters come together, you immediately think of that one university in the heart of Espana, Manila. Home of the Growling Tigers, The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is known for many things, from its Christmas traditions to its Hogwarts-like image whenever there’s a storm. But there’s more to UST than what’s shared in social media. Here are things that every Thomasian must do to experience the full-blown university life in UST.   Thomasian Welcome Walk A shoutout to…

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An Artistic Afternoon in SM Manila Culture Life and Style 

An Artistic Afternoon in SM Manila

By: Marci Trio (Intern)  Artists and non-artists had a chance to express themselves and explore their creativity during the Manila Art Sesh event in SM Manila that ran from July 5 to July 23. Participants showcased their art through colorful and fun activities that featured Manila’s art, culture, and fashion. On July 13-15, they held the University Wall Mural Competition as part of the more than two-week long arts fest. Through their murals, artists from top universities and colleges in Manila gave new life to the city’siconic places. Participants at…

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Expression through Art at SM Manila: PsyCOLORGY by Manila Art Sesh Culture Life and Style 

Expression through Art at SM Manila: PsyCOLORGY by Manila Art Sesh

Art is something that provides the freedom to express things that I can’t otherwise say. By: Kim Verana (Intern)  It’s like magic made of shapes and colors.  It breathes new life into my otherwise unexpressed thoughts and allows me to express new emotions. Drawing, painting, and coloring are not exclusively for people who are born with talent, they are pastimes or even pursuits that anyone can enjoy. At least that’s what I think. PsyCOLORgy by Manila Art Sesh was held at SM Manila last July 15, 2017. It was an event…

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TEN Facts about our Inang Bayan that you might want to know Culture Life and Style Travel 

TEN Facts about our Inang Bayan that you might want to know

“Alam mo na ba ‘to bes? O baka late ka na naman?” Not all of the Philippines’s secrets are learned in school because there are over hundreds of historical mysteries that are still hidden and waiting to be discovered. Which is why we compiled facts across the country that we think you want to know. Get your notes ready with these amazing facts.    Farmer’s Market Foodome Known as the largest food court in the Philippines, Farmer’s Market Foodome has over 230 shops and restaurants in its hold. It is…

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Bruno Mars will paint Manila gold with 24K Magic World Tour! Entertainment Music 

Bruno Mars will paint Manila gold with 24K Magic World Tour!

Bruno Mars is coming back to Manila after four years! The “24K” singer will grace Manila next year, May 3, 2018, at the Mall of Asia Arena, following hints from promoter MMI Live. Tickets for Bruno Mars’ concert will go on sale on September 8. Which means fans have more time to save up for the much-awaited concert. Bruno is the second artist to announce a 2018 Manila concert. He follows Harry Styles who will have his show on May 1 at the same venue. Ticket prices are yet to…

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