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Penguin fight for a female mate proves that there’s no forever Viral 

Penguin fight for a female mate proves that there’s no forever

In case you guys have missed it (I doubt if you did, though), National Geographic Channel released a footage about a male penguin coming home to his nest only to find out his penguin mate is with another male.

The drama, of course, doesn’t end there. Of course, like any other film or series, the two male penguins fought for the love of the female. And we’re not just talking about wing slaps or dangerous glares, it’s about eye poking, blood shedding and royal rumble like battles – far from the ‘cute image’ stereotype of penguins.

The viral video has now over 11 million views. And if you’re wondering who the female penguin chose – the ‘homewrecker’. Well, it looks like she “really doesn’t have time for losers.” a national graphic

According to a national graphic report, penguins are known for fidelity to their mates. 72% of penguins mate with the same bird as the previous year.

“There are penguin breakups, but the reasons are often strictly logistical,” aviculturist Laura Dray said in the same report.

Looks like the female penguin ain’t part of the majority.

Watch the viral penguin break up and tell us which side are you on.



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