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Here are a few Planner Essentials to Achieve your #PlannerGoals

Planners come in different shapes and sizes. And it’s really hard to get that IG worthy or dream planner spread that you want.

But no matter what planner you own, you can achieve your #plannergoals with the help of these items.

If you’re a rookie in this whole planner and planning “thingy,” then these are your must-have items. Build your stash according to how you plan. However, if you’ve been into decorative planning for quite some time now, then you probably have already hoarded a lot of goodies. These items can help make your planners beautiful and motivating.

Here are some items that will definitely help you achieve that look you see on Instagram and youtube.


You are new to this and are not sure what items you need. There are only a few that you need at this point. First of all, you will need a pen. I’m not talking about just regular ballpoint pen. A pen that you can write in different fonts with. Find a point that you’re comfortable with and make sure that its ink won’t bleed through your page.

Photo by Demi Babao

The key is to make your page look pleasing. Some checklist stickers and washi tapes can help you do just that. You can use these to decorate or divide sections between your planner. Fortunately, these are not that expensive and can be bought online. There are even some in local bookstores.

Lastly, sticky notes or notepads are definite requirements. You will have some plans that are not concrete. However, you don’t want to have all these erasures in your planner. But if you have sticky notes or notepads, you can even make your handwriting and lettering pretty.


Now, you’ve spent quite some time in the planning community. However, there are still a lot to improve on. But this is probably the stage where you are ready for stickers. Stickers kits are usually bought online. Instagram and Etsy are the best places to get some.

Basically, stickers can be used both for function and decoration. They come in different designs and can definitely be addictive. Some people use sticker kits to have one theme for a whole week.

But there are planners out there who prefer stamps. Stamps are used the same way as stickers. They make planners more aesthetic and useful at the same time. These can also be bought online, but there are some bookstores that have stamps. Also, you will need stamps, acrylic blocks and ink pads for this.


Bosses make those spreads on Instagram that get tons of likes. They might even have youtube channels. Incidentally, these bosses make the stickers, too. That’s why they have silhouette cutters. These are devices that make stickers and die cuts.

Bosses can customize almost everything in their planner. They make their own stickers, dividers, and even inserts. They also have high-end planners. Most of them have an Erin Condren planner. These planners can be a bit pricey, but they are definitely functional.


Decorative planning is more than just making planners look good. It’s all about motivating yourself to do the things you need to do. Not only are you going to be productive, it also brings out your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what kind of planning is for you.

Happy planning!

Photo from Women’s Flare



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