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Potterheads this might just be your ticket back to Hogwarts Entertainment Movies and TV 

Potterheads this might just be your ticket back to Hogwarts

Going back to the world of Hogwarts always feels like home.

We practically grew up with Harry, Hermione, and Ron; any Harry Potter related news is a spark of hope. This 2017, a group of fans provided us a ticket to board platform 9 ¾ once again.

In a trailer of a fan made film of Voldemort: Origins of the Heir, the story follows Grish Mac Laggen, a witch and heir of Gryffindor, who seeks Tom to prove that her suspicions about Hepzibah Smith’s death were true. Interesting, right? Usually, it is the hero that we get to know but in this film, we are forced to take a deeper look into the wizarding world’s most dangerous wizard– Voldemort and his rise to power.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known if this fan made film will be shown in your local cinema house. The good news is, Warner Bros liked the fan’s idea and gave a green light for the project to continue. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the next leg of the Harry Potter franchise. As the die hard fans we are, we could only hope and believe that the possibilities are endless.

Watch the trailer of Voldemort: Origins of the Heir here:



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