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The Quarter-Life Crisis And Why You’re Okay Inspire 

The Quarter-Life Crisis And Why You’re Okay

You’ve been out of college a few years, the training wheels are completely off, and yet here you are still wobbling along, bumping into things, and stumbling all over the place. You’ve had a couple of “dream” jobs, you probably changed career paths once or twice (and possibly a few more times), and you’re beside yourself. What are you doing?

As much as you might have wanted it, you do not have your life together.  Aaaand, stop. Let’s just get this something clear.


You. Are. Doing. Okay.

Experiencing the Quarter-Life Crisis leaves you dreading tomorrow, fearing next month, and at a loss when confronting the idea of next year. Basically, the QLC feels like hitting a brick wall and confusing left for up and down for right. It’s a period of a lot of “I’m not so sure but whatever” moments. It’s pretty much a pop quiz on your life thus far– and the scary thing is you’re not really sure what you know. Y’know?


Everything you’re experiencing is normal and valid. People have gone through it and have come out better versions of themselves. All the negativity you are feeling in this phase in your life may be an answer in themselves. Are you unhappy with your job? Quit. Your relationship does not allow for growth anymore? Leave.

All these things are difficult but necessary for the long-term improvement of the most important thing you need to take care of– you. You may be scared now, but in a few years, when you do make these changes, you will thank your confused 20-something self for making those tough decisions and getting you at a point of happiness and balance.

Being in your mid-20s and feeling lost is a great time to actually get lost. Leave your cubicle and explore the country, explore the world, explore yourself and maybe you just might find the answers you’re looking for. If you don’t, then keep looking. No one ever gets it the first time and don’t be ashamed to keep trying again.

The Quarter-Life Crisis is a scary place but it is a place you need to go through to get to where you are supposed to be. It’s the perfect time to make all those bad (but hopefully non-life threatening) decisions, to lose all those toxic people who don’t let you grow, to find the peace you once craved, to see yourself finally happy in the place you want to be in.

In any case, you can stop freaking yourself out with all these existential questions. You might not find what you’re looking for immediately but you will. And you’ll have a whole bunch of kick-ass stories to tell when you come back, hopefully, a more kick-ass you. 



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