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5 Reasons why a Hip-Hop dance class is perfect for kids this summer Culture Life and Style 

5 Reasons why a Hip-Hop dance class is perfect for kids this summer

Summer — the season all kids look forward to! Toss out those alarm clocks and look forward to the sun, the sun, and lots of good fun!

Although the months of April and May provide that much-needed break from lessons, quizzes and homework, they usually equate to two months of lazy days. Because kids resort to gadgets and TV, the result becomes inactive bodies. Parents have to literally drag kids away from those screens to get them on their feet.

Now families don’t have to let this happen this summer because there’s actually a sure-fire fun way to get kids moving…Hip-Hop dance classes!

Contrary to usual impressions, Hip-Hop is not “boho” or just street dancing. Hip-Hop is actually an energetic style of dancing usually performed to rhythmic music that allows dancers freedom of movement that adds their personalities to the moves. Because of this “freedom”, it is especially popular among the young (and young at heart!) crowd.

In the Philippines, Hip-Hop has gained quite a following in the past years. A number of well-trained and certified Hip-Hop dance instructors in the country have also brought this dance style to the spotlight. One of the well-known ones is Mia Cabalfin, who offers Hip-Hop classes for kids, teens and even adults the entire summer.

Not yet sure? Consider the following other reasons to enroll in Hip-Hop Dance class aside from getting kids on their feet.

Establish self-confidence

Self-confidence is simply that – having confidence. And what better way to build it than to have kids perform in front of an audience. Hip-hop dance class allow kids to grow comfortable around many people while learning to understand their bodies through dance and eventually developing their own moves. This will surely benefit them to become more motivated in other disciplines as well.

Gain new friends

Summer is a huge opportunity for kids to get out there and meet new people. Enrolling them in non-academic classes will help them develop friendships among people of the same interests beyond their school peers. This then becomes an avenue for growth and self-discovery.

Improve creativity and improvisations

The very nature of Hip-Hop allows for the development of very diverse styles. Since it combines several styles that encourage creativity and improvisations, this will help learners develop individual expressions through dancing.

Active lifestyle

Dance class will give kids a way to release all their bottled energy and promote an active lifestyle. This, in turn, will help in boosting their immune system and lessen the possibility of developing diseases related to inactivity.

Summer classes with Mia start this March 31 to May 27, 2017, at the Beyond Yoga Studio in BGC.

For more information, check out their Facebook page:



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