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Say Hello to SKYZE, the other side of Sam Concepcion Music 

Say Hello to SKYZE, the other side of Sam Concepcion

You can also call him Skyze.

You can say that Sam Concepcion is an all-around entertainer–he can sing, dance, act, and host. However, he doesn’t settle for that alone, by choosing creative growth and expanding his horizons.

On the midnight of his 24th birthday, October 17,  he surprised his fans by releasing a 3-track playlist on Soundcloud under his new project SKYZE, his EDM persona, in collaboration with producer Moophs. This playlist consists of a new song Afterglow, and two of Moophs’ remixes of Sam’s old tracks, No Limitations, and S.D.M.C.

In an interview with Billboard Philippines, Sam said that SKYZE is the perfect project for his idea of creating a different and more specific brand of music for himself, as he is into the genre of future bass. It helps that he and Moophs are both fond of that genre, so it is easy for them to work with each other.

Moophs and Sam started working together when the producer did remixes of his songs for a concert and they just clicked. Sam felt that his voice’s pop RnB sound and Moophs unique electronic style just jived. Since then, they decided that they should get in the studio and record a song from scratch.

Some fans may ask, what will happen to the Sam Concepcion they know and fell in love with? They shouldn’t worry. Sam Concepcion will still be there, singing his usual pop and RnB songs. SKYZE is there to serve as an alter-ego, to separate the pop and RnB-Sam to the EDM Sam.

What’s next for SKYZE? Well, he is currently in Japan shooting a video for Afterglow.  And since another track is in the works, excited fans can expect that to be released in a few weeks.

Here is the three-track playlist Sam released on his birthday, free for listening on SoundCloud.



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