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Signs that the person you’re seeing is not worth your love. Culture 

Signs that the person you’re seeing is not worth your love.

Admit it, we all have that one person we date that’s not exactly who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. We don’t know why but we still give it a shot thinking “Hey, this might just work.”

But, friend. Are you exactly sure that you want to end up with someone you don’t think you deserve? I’m pretty sure that the answer is ‘No.’

So, save yourself from any possible drama and see if that person you’re seeing is ACTUALLY worth the love you’ll be giving and/or you’re giving.

He/she keeps on lying to you

Honestly, the minute you catch him lying to you, get up and leave. A growing relationship should be ALWAYS built through trust, and not a mountain of lies. And don’t even think about considering his reasons for lying, whether it’s trying to impress you or whatever bogus reason that is. How would you know that he/she’s lying? Check out the signs here.


He/she keeps rushing you.

I know, it has always been a cliché saying that ‘love is worth the wait.’ But let me tell you this, love is and will always be worth the wait. If he rushes you to go into things you’re not ready for – like a deeper relationship, words you’re not ready to say (i.e. “I love you”) – then that person doesn’t love you enough to understand your pace in the relationship. Whether you guys are ‘seeing each other’ or ‘in a relationship,’ a good bond starts with respecting one’s pace in a situation.


He/she doesn’t respect your decisions

Yes. Even those who are just “seeing each other” have their ‘love quarrels.’ Don’t even bother keeping that person in your life if he keeps questioning the decisions you make for yourself or for the both of you to strengthen (or break) the ‘growing relationship.’ It just means that he/she doesn’t trust you enough for you to decide for the both of you.


He/she makes “parinig” on social media

Really? Making ‘parinig’ is the most immature you can get. When the two of you get into arguments and end in silent treatments, and then the next thing you know he/she’s sharing stuff on Facebook or twitter that’s OBVIOUSLY about you. Arguments should be handled maturely and privately. And NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA.


He/she blames himself in relationship humps, BUT subtly drags you lower.

“It’s my fault that I loved you too much.” OH NO. Those kinds of statements are never healthy for a relationship. Take the blame but you blame your partner for the actions you have done? Nope. Just no.


He/she easily finds someone to “take your place”


And when both of you finally decide to end things, and he/she INSTANTLY finds someone “new,” that would be the final verdict. Whether it’s an ‘actual relationship’ or just another ‘grey area situation,’ no one can easily replace you when he/she actually had feelings for you.


Guys and girls, never compromise your love for someone who’s not worth it. Always remember a saying from “The Perks of being a Wallflower”

We accept the love we think we deserve

Always know your worth, because you’re the only one who can define that. So, if that person is not worth what you’re giving; pack your bags and leave. You’ll find someone worth it, no rush.




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