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Simbang Gabi and the people you celebrate it with Culture Life and Style 

Simbang Gabi and the people you celebrate it with

Simbang Gabi officially begins tonight – which means that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas! Yipee!

Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is the nine-day mass “countdown” until Christmas Eve or December 24th.

Filipinos are known to be the best in attendance for the Simbang Gabi – the church is flooded with various kinds of people, from students to senior citizens to couples and a whole lot more.

Here are some of our fellow church goers we spot during Misa de Gallo. Can you catch them all in nine nights?


The religious.

These are the people you usually see in Sunday masses, fiesta mass, and not just in Simbang Gabi. These guys may be a regular church goer or a servant of the church. How to find them? They may come in early to get a good seat inside the holy place and/or chat with the priest before the mass.


The “religious”

Do take note of the quotation mark in between. These are the people who become religious come Simbang Gabi. Basically, these folks are those who show up to church on December 15th only. They may be attending the mass for either the trend or some other personal hanash in their system, may it be an attendance for school or the legend that your wish will come true if you finish


The Bibingka/Puto bumbong fanatics

These are the people who are willing to wake up at 3AM just so they could have their daily dose of bibingka or puto bumbong – which are, undeniably, Simbang Gabi must haves. We can’t blame them, puto bumbong is lyf. <3


The couples

The name speaks for itself. These are the couples who attend Simbang Gabi together. Let’s just hope that you see have the fullest intention of actually hearing mass and not to cuddle.


The SMPs

The SMPs – or the “Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko” are those who attend mass alone. They could either be the Happy kind or the Sad kind. The Sad kind are probably those who are going through a break up in the holidays or probably feeling lonely. Meanwhile, the happy kind are those who are strong and independent – but still needs a jacket to fight the cold weather. (YASS)


Now. Keep a close eye for these folks tonight until the 24th. Ans while you’re at it – help yourself with a huge serving of puto bumbong – but always remember the real reason why we’re celebrating Christmas.

Happy Holidays!



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