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SOS! (Save Our Skins!) Beauty Life and Style 

SOS! (Save Our Skins!)

You can watch all the makeup tutorials you want, but honey, at some point you have to stop packing all that cosmetics on your face.

Sometimes, you’d want to leave the house with nothing more than the skin on your face– and that might be hard if you aren’t confident barefaced. But don’t worry fam! We gotchu. Here are a few easy hacks to amp up your daily skin regimen.

Sleep on your back

We know how comfortable it is to sleep face down after a long day at work, but try to resist the urge!

Any sleeping position that squishes your face against your cotton pillowcases can cause you to wrinkle prematurely.

Okay, yeah it sounds a little off but if you aren’t convinced yet there’s more. Sleeping with your face to your sheet can also cause unwanted pimples as the accumulated germs on the surface can cause you to break out.

Quick tip: sleeping on your back is also better for your back  *wink wink*

Chugging down Lemon water

Our mothers were onto something whenever they ordered lemon water in restaurants. Lemons are natural antiseptics, making them good in flushing out dirt and bacteria from our skin. Plus, its slight tang pretty much taste like home.

It’s recommended, though, that you drink it hot right when you wake up (sorry, moms). Just a cup of hot water, squeeze in one lemon slice, and you’re good to go!

Razorless hair removal

We know you have pesky hairs in certain hidden places that you want gone *coughs* but waxing salons can be too expensive and time consuming while shaving causes chicken skin or even a few small nicks.

But don’t worry, this little mixture is good for a quick and cheap solution: 1 tablespoon of iodine 2% and one cup of baby oil. Apply and gently rub on desired area (upper lip, face, underarms, etc.) let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe off with a damp towel. Painless, flawless skin right there girls!

Natural glow

Want that natural-looking glow you see on TV commercials? Well, the ever faithful lemon can give you that glowing skin without putting a dent on your bank account.

Just slice one lemon in half, sprinkle a little sugar on the exposed side then gently rub over your face each night. This will help remove blackheads, lessen acne buildups, and make you skin glowing.

Try these out and let us know what you think. Now you can strut it down the street with no makeup on. You go, girl!




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