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Spare the long lines in the MRT with Traincheck News 

Spare the long lines in the MRT with Traincheck

Commuting within Metro Manila is a real struggle, especially when you’re riding the MRT. The long lines during rush hour and the sudden malfunctions make it worse.

But now, you can spare those long lines by checking the congestion in stations before leaving your home or office.

The creators of – Thomas Dy and Philip Cheang – have created Traincheck, an app that will help commuters check the congestion levels in the MRT to avoid those long and hassle lines.

Traincheck estimates how long you’ll be waiting at the MRT station and the best time to leave for your destination. Convenient, huh?

Oh, and in case you guys don’t know: You can check the MRT stations of your destination live through CCTV cameras at the DOTC Website.

Isn’t technology great? 🙂



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