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Listen Para Hindi Ka Kainin ng Sistema: A Studying for Finals Playlist Music Viral 

Listen Para Hindi Ka Kainin ng Sistema: A Studying for Finals Playlist

Hell Week has arrived again. Studying for finals is hard enough, made harder because of so many distractions–extracurriculars, demanding minor subjects, and your almost-existent love life.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got a playlist to help you get through this horror of a week.

Stronger – Clean Bandit

This is the perfect start for your study session, to perk you up and energize you enough to actually start studying. Play this while you’re taking out everything you need to study and while you’re citing reasons to study such as, you need to graduate.

Four Seasons – Vivaldi

Now that you’ve put out your notes, books, and highlighters, let’s get down to business! Focus on the knowledge you need to know with Vivaldi’s famous classical piece.

Note: You can choose whether to listen to Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. It’s named Four Seasons for a reason, after all.

Dream and Catcher – Tom’s story

If classical music is not your style, you can listen to our very own math rock trio, Tom’s Story, with their song combo, Dream and Catcher. These songs will motivate you to study, and catch your dreams while you’re at it (see what I did there?)

First Breath After Coma – Explosions in the Sky

To help keep your focus, they say that it’s best if you listen to instrumental music (well, it depends on what you prefer) while studying. Such is this song from the post-rock band Explosions in the Sky, who performed at the recently concluded Wanderland Music Festival. Don’t be daunted by the title, it’s a good listen.

Not Today – BTS

Study break! If you’re losing the motivation–again–to study, listen to the Bangtan Boys’ new anthem about not giving up despite hardships, Not Today.

Today we will survive daw, bes. Aral na ulit!

Like Knives – City and Colour

Clear your head with this rock acoustic track by City and Colour. This will be perfect especially when you’re studying the hard stuff, like math.

Livewire- Oh Wonder

Be serenaded and relaxed by Oh Wonder’s sweet vocals with Livewire.

Simple Season – Hippo Campus

An up and coming from the States, Hippo Campus is making waves in the music scene with their good songs. Simple Season is one example, giving a relaxing and summer-ish vibe.

Started From the Bottom – Drake

For our final song, congratulate yourself with Drake’s Started from the Bottom. You’ve studied hard, now ace that exams. Started from the bottom, now you’re here indeed.


A playlist perfect for studying for finals now served. Good luck on your finals, fam! xx



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