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Tackle the tassel trend

2017 is indeed the year of reviving old trends, another trend has come back in the form of those fun, bright and colorful babies called the Tassel Earrings.

There’s no doubt people are going crazy over this statement earring trend. Your simple #OOTD could turn into extra AF once you put these on.

Wear it whether, on formal occasions or casual outfits, it will surely be the center of attention. Tassels come along in different sizes, colors and a little mix and match the pattern.

Thanks to theater actress and viral sensation Kat Galang, who made tassel earrings popular in the Philippines again through her hugot videos. A lot of popular celebrities are joining the tassel bandwagon trend.

Originally, the tassel has always been a symbol of prestige and power. It serves as a knot in clothes to prevent unraveling, it is also used as an amulet for ancient priests and military officers to ward off evil spirits.

You can see them hanging all over the place: handbags, cell phone key chains, and graduation caps. It’s not just a simple home decoration anymore but an “IT” fashion statement now.

So, If you wanna ward off spirits in such a trendy way, here are some pieces to try:

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