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Face masks that can double as Halloween costumes Beauty Life and Style 

Face masks that can double as Halloween costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, so brace yourselves for loud halloween celebrations and tons of horror movie sesh! All-night parties are fun, but the lack of sleep can make your skin look dry and irritated. Instead of waking up seeing the halloween jitters in your face, it’s time to multitask and strut at the party with your beauty mask on! The Peg: Popular Panda If you want to be Po from The Kung Fu Panda, Panda from Tekken, or simply a random cutie in a Halloween ball, it’s up…

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Home Alone on Halloween Season Life and Style Viral 

Home Alone on Halloween Season

Granny warned you about the spirits that roam the Earth during October and yes, they are coming for you. You will see them more often, from the moment you turned your television on to instances you’re browsing online. There will always be a lady in white, with waist-length hair covering her face, lurking on your screens. It’s all about ghost stories, and this only gets worse when you’re left alone at home. Listed below are some Halloween horror scenarios. Be warned though: You need to sharpen your senses, because you…

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