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Taylor Swift slithers back into social media with a cryptic clip Entertainment Music 

Taylor Swift slithers back into social media with a cryptic clip

Talk about extra.

Yesterday’s solar eclipse was supposed to be the most eventful thing of the week, but Taylor Swift had other plans.

After wiping her social media channels last Saturday, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter ended her social media blackout last night with a 10-second video of what seems to be an ominous snake.

Anyone who’s following the drama will know that it’s a clear reference to the spam of snake emojis Swift received last year from a very public beef with Kim and Kanye on Snapchat.

According to Genius, the new single will be called “Timeless,” and it will have a website on its own. Sources say that after the pop superstar drops the new song on August 25th (Friday), she’ll proceed to attend MTV Music Video Awards to be hosted by Katy Perry.

Being the marketing genius she is, Swift knew exactly how to make waves on the Internet. Since all signs have already been pointing to the start of a new era, rumors and theories surrounding the release of new music have been heightened because of this bit.


I mean, right?!

Same, gurl.

Your faves are shaking.


Swift may be a record-holder in terms of having ruthless haters, but she sure is a force to be reckoned with. Just last week, she won a massive sexual harassment case from 2013 against DJ David Mueller and proved a powerful point for women everywhere.


2014’s 1989 may have been strong, but #TS6 will be coming for blood. Sure, haters will still hate, but they’ll also be streaming.




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