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Mar Roxas is the ultimate Tito and his Facebook page proves it Viral 

Mar Roxas is the ultimate Tito and his Facebook page proves it

Who’s Mar Roxas, you ask? The guy in yellow who updates his Facebook page in such a Tito way.

While we are slightly kidding with that note, Mar Roxas is also known as the standard bearer of the Liberal Party in the May 2016 Presidential election.

Mar lost against now President Rodrigo Duterte in May, and while that has been going on – the former politician has spent his time in recreation right after the campaign.

Of course, like many personalities, Mar has kept his supporters updated with his life after the elections, thus showing his Tito side.

Here are some of his posts that prove that Mar Roxas is the ultimate Tito.


When Pokemon is life, but health is definitely lifer.


When his advanced diver certificate brought him inner fish… este peace.


And when he realized what his fave seafood is…


When he became the ultimate stage husband at Korina’s graduation in Ateneo


When technology got the best of him. We feel you, Tito Mar.


And when he discovered the next best thing to a Starbucks Americano coffee.


And let’s not forget his biggest food discovery


And of course, Tito Mar’s latest Titoness with the newest addition to their family.


It’s a wow, Tito Mar!



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