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The Vowels of Photography

The thrill of discovering a new skill can be both amusing and infuriating—it never fails to pique our insatiable appetite for knowledge and makes our creativity alive and in full swing.

As millennials, we sure do love a good photo. We know how to snap that perfect IG shot—posing, angles, lighting and all. So how about taking things up a notch by learning the basics of professional photography?


Now, I know the word professional may sound intimidating and complex but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, you can even learn basic professional photography with vowels! So grab your DSLR cameras or your smartphone camera and put it in manual mode.

Ready? Let’s begin!



Ah, this one influences the brightness and depth of your photos.


Aperture controls the amount of light entering your camera. Though, this shouldn’t be mistaken for shutter speed as the latter is the length of the shutter that allows light to enter.


In addition, the aperture is measured by a term called f-stop. So the trick is, low f-stop means brighter yet flat image while high f-stop means darker image with depth.


Photography means painting with light, that’s why exposure is highly important to capture a picturesque and well-lit photo. This feature is about the amount the camera is being open to light.


However, photography is not just about taking proper photos. Play with exposure to make shots look quirky! Experimenting with overexposure (too bright) and underexposure (too dark) creates more bold, artistic, and striking photos.


No, it’s not an acronym for International Standards Organization. ISO is just as it is in Photography and it measures the camera’s sensitivity to light, controlling exposure and noise.


Maximum ISO level may differ depending on the camera specs so the higher the ISO, the brighter the photo is. Lower ISO makes the photo darker and grainy.


In photography, there are two zooming options available—the digital and optical zoom.
Optical zoom is basically the feature that uses the actual lens to adjust and give off a real zoom image and better result. On the other hand, the digital zoom is the software version that refocusing the photo, placing the subject in the center.  


So if you’re crush is a few meters away, using the optical zoom can do the trick to snap a stolen shot from him! *wink wink*


And after learning the A-E-I-O of photography, it’s time to shoot away and proceed with the letter U—Upload. Make a portfolio using Wix, Adobe Portfolio, or Instagram to showcase your photos for the whole world to see!


Apart from likes and heart emojis, you might find yourself turning this passion project to a business venture!

A friendly reminder: you cannot be a Pro in a day so practice really makes better. Tweak your camera settings, experiment with a few styles, and balance the vowels of photography. Get ready to be hooked and capture life’s mesmerizing moments.




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