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Things that you can never avoid during Filipino Christmas Reunions Culture Life and Style 

Things that you can never avoid during Filipino Christmas Reunions

Family reunions are a must when Christmas and New Year come closer. Families gather together in one house during Christmas and catch up on each other’s happenings for the past year.

However, there are certain things about Christmas Reunions that make us rethink our attendance – and if we do attend we can never avoid some scenarios no matter how hard we try. Here are some of the reunion things you can never avoid.


That one Tita who’s always “Aba. Tumataba ka”


No, Tita. You don’t need to remind me. Also, kayo din po tumataba.


The videoke machine that’s bound to break your eardrums.


No reunion is complete without the iconic videoke machine. All cousins will have to take turns in singing. AND you’re not allowed not to sing. ((and we’re betting on this one: you don’t want to avoid this))


The round table of titos making inuman


And forcing you to chug down a bottle of San Mig Pale Pilsen, even when you want to keep yourself sane until the end of the day because you still have hundreds of unopened presents left at home.


Tita Baby questioning your entire career path

May or may not be the same tita from number 1. That one tita who would always ask you: “may trabaho ka na ba?” “Magkano ba sinasahod mo dyan?” “Nako. Hindi ka mabubuhay dyan sa course mo.”

“Uhm. Tita. You don’t own my life.”



Shake it off, fam.


The entire family asking about your love life.

“May boyfriend ka na ba?” would be the first question a few titos of yours will ask. And if you don’t have one… “Ano bay an. Naunahan ka pa ni *insert name of cousin here*

 “It’s okay, Tito. I don’t need a man to complete me.” YASSSS.


Heaping amount of food present on the table

Everyone must have a contribution. To name a few dishes that are always present in reunions: Spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, lumpiang sariwa, Lechon, pancit, and a whole lot more. And you’re bound to eat everything in sight. ‘Coz you know, it’s Christmas.


Take home food



Lot’s of food means bags of take-home or ‘baon.’ If other reunions have a souvenir sweater, mug or other cringles, Filipinos have leftover food to take home that could last for about 2 to 3 days. You might want to resched your diet until next year.


The mandatory talent show before getting the money envelope.


Admit it. As we grow older we begin to cringe on this. Just give us the damn envelope, Patrice!


You’re forced to converse with your cousins you don’t even know.



Coming from a huge extended family would make it difficult for any of us to remember all the names of our cousins and it’s embarrassing to ask for their names, because heck, they’re family, dude.


Everyone is required to wear the same shirt/same colored shirt

christmas reunion

If you know how to avoid some of these, leave us your tips in the comments section below.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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