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Iconic chocolate Toblerone has changed its shape and here’s why Food Viral 

Iconic chocolate Toblerone has changed its shape and here’s why

What are you and what have you done to Toblerone?!

You’ve probably munched these Swiss chocolates ever since you’re 3. With its iconic design and taste, its safe to say that Toblerone has become one of our favorite chocolates. But apparently, the product makers  Mondelez International, US-based company that recently acquired Toblerone, have decided to change its design and it was outrageous.


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The company made the announcement last Oct. 15 on its Facebook page, citing the alteration on the chocolate’s design is economical, a conflict between changing the look of the bars or raising its price. Company spokesperson also added that the decision is a strategy for companies to retain their products on-shelf without sacrificing the price. Evident from the new design is the big gap of each triangles “to lower down the cost of ingredients.”

The new design weighs about 360g and 150g from 400g and 170g bars but it is of the same price. However, it is not clarified if the change in shape is only limited to bars sold in UK and not the rest of Europe.

Unlike Mondelez, other food manufacturers such as Walkers and Birds Eye has recently announced price hike of products, blaming the falling value of pound due to UK’s decision to leave European Union (EU).



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