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Trillanes just dropped the most anti-Duterte ad on national TV, netizens enraged News 

Trillanes just dropped the most anti-Duterte ad on national TV, netizens enraged

Let’s face it, the Internet is where the biggest Duterte supporters are. And boy, are they annoying. But we give them the thumbs-up for being loud, proud, and strong when they all seem to scream “fight me!” as a defense mechanism whenever their precious presidentiable is drawing flak from his fellow candidates.

They’ve done it again this time, though, as a television ad paid for by vice presidentiable Senator Antonio Trillanes IV aired on one night only slots during a commercial break on ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5 simultaneously on Thursday. It’s not your typical persuasive, pa-pogi political ad like the ones we’re used to seeing – heck, it doesn’t even have Trillanes on it.

The ad shows kids reacting to the mayor’s most controversial comments and acts such as his tough-talking image, his cursing of the Pope, and his “disgusting” comment about the rape incident of an Australian missionary in his hometown.

Damn, Trillanes just proved himself to be the biggest Duterte anti out there.

After a few good seconds of worthwhile airtime, the Internet was shaken and couldn’t keep its chill.






Some are attacking Trillanes and the people behind the campaign for teaching children crab mentality. ‘Cause desperate times call for desperate measures, right?






On a different note, the opposing Duterte camp has this to say:




We’re just a few days away from the polls and we can’t be anymore happy about all this mess. Truly, politics is DEFINITELY more fun in the Philippines!

What say you?



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