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Uber has been suspended and everyone is angry AF Viral 

Uber has been suspended and everyone is angry AF

Starting today, Uber is no longer available.

And this will last for ONE WHOLE MONTH.

This is because the LTFRB has suspended the transport network company for violating its order to stop accepting new applications for transport network vehicle services (TNVS)

Following the suspension, commuters are at rage, especially those who use the Uber application often as their mode of transportation.

As of this writing, both the LTFRB and Uber are trending on Twitter.

Check out the Netizens’ reactions on Uber’s suspension. Grab your popcorn, the drama is about to emerge.

And if you think that this Uber suspension affects only a certain group of people. THINK AGAIN.

What have you done, LTFRB?

UPDATE: UBER is now back online as the company has filed a motion for reconsideration on its suspension



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