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The University Checklist: PUP Edition University 

The University Checklist: PUP Edition

by Grace Adorable & Jay Denvher Soriano

Rally masters, social activists, liberals. Name it. These are the common ascriptions thrown to PUP students, which have long been the worst impressions they always receive.

But who cares when life in PUP offers interesting experiences that are unique among other universities? Here are some things only PUPians will understand.


“PUP stands for Pila Ulit Pila

Photo from Boiling Waters

No one in the university doesn’t know this jargon. Seems like a curse that a legit PUPian must encounter numerous Pila Ulit Pila situations. They like to call it “papasok kang nakapila, ga-graduate kang nakapila.” From enrollment, interview, school fees processing that goes up to 6th floor, photocopying notes and books, university programs in many popular university halls, graduation picture taking and even graduation ceremony, up until claiming your diploma and TOR – legit Pila Ulit Pila.


Edukasyong Dose Pesos

Photo from Manila Bulletin

This phrase is commonly used by PUPians as we have proudly benefited from the inexpensive amount of education in the university. Thanks to many Isko and Iska who fought for the abolishment of tuition hike, PUP maintained its tuition fee to be 12.00 per unit. Since President Duterte has signed the law granting free tuition in SUCs, PUP will now be Edukasyong Dose Pesos no more as we get to experience the victory on the long-time revolution towards free education. It’s time to acknowledge the phrase: Edukasyon para sa lahat!


Street of Teresa

Photo from PUP Memes

Welcome to Teresa, where everything you need is just one tawid ng riles away from the main gate. The infamous street of Teresa is known for its budget-friendly costs in printing theses, term papers, t-shirts, tarpaulins, and even lanyards. Also, vacant hours are usually spent here for playing DoTA and LoL. Teresa Street is where cravings are satisfied with calamares, tokneneng, isaw, silog meals, and etc. This street is basically the convenient store for every PUPian. Just beware of the snatchers and mandurukot— Teresa is always crowded by many people.



Intramuros of PUP

Photo from Panoramio

Often called as The Great Wall, Intramuros of PUP is a mini-version of the original Intramuros wherein PUP Lagoon is located within and surrounded by the university food stalls.


Missed the Oblation Run? PUP has its version called Pylon Run!

Photo by Rudolf Anthony

Around October days, PUP celebrates its Founding Anniversary and one popular part of this celebration is the Pylon Run! This is annually celebrated where some male students from fraternities inside the campus run around university grounds while naked. So basically, it’s a PUP version of Oblation Run? Yes! Too conservative? Nah, students usually mock the runners with kikiam displays. Well, see it for yourself!


FEWA, Submarine, Unli Lugaw, atbp.

Photo from FeednFeet

Aside from the low-cost tuition in PUP (oh hey, the tuition’s free already), you can also enjoy the signature foods without spending too much. Treat yourself with as low as Php 8.00 worth of unli lugaw or experience an affordable rice meal with Submarine, which is beef and onions (lots of onions) topped on rice. You may also opt to take a taste of Footlong-Egg Wrapped Around (FEWA) snack—the popular snack in PUP which is the first food recommendation to every freshie, all available in the PUP Lagoon!


PNR Journey

Photo from PUP Memes

“Sasakay kang fresh, bababa kang mandirigma.”

So they say. You know huge number of PUPians are coming when you hear the noise of the PNR train. This is the most popular transportation access among students, just at the façade of PUP. As this may seem the easiest way of going to PUP and going home, of course, make sure to bring extra clothes with you. Hold the idea that you are not just a passenger; you’re a fighter if you dare to ride a PNR train.



That Tower

Photo from The Urban Roamer

When you go to PUP and you happen to see this structure, you might wanna ask yourself what that tower is. Even students here do not know what actually this is in the first glance. An alien spaceship? Is it Kokey’s? A huge satellite? A skateboarder practice area? Perhaps. Just a tower? A lighthouse? Or maybe a structure that’s a form of art? Or ….. maybe you’ll consider asking “Who was the engineer/ architect responsible for this?” Then soon you’ll find out that it’s just a water tank. I know, right?



Rallies, Walkout, and Activism

Photo from Arkibong Bayan

“Kayo ba yung nagsunog ng upuan?”

“Aktibista ka ba?”

Every PUPian has gone through these interrogations. Let’s face it, the first thing that comes into someone’s mind when they heard about PUP is either rally or aktibista. This notion does not represent the whole because not all PUPians are activists or what we called as tibak. Some students choose to be activists in their own way while some students get themselves engage in walkouts and rallies. But hey, if not because of these Iskolar ng Bayan, we wouldn’t have experienced the budget-friendly quality education in the university.


Explore more in PUP and keep this checklist in mind as you walk towards the end of your journey as a PUPian!



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