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Aww. UST. Say what you want to say but when those three letters come together, you immediately think of that one university in the heart of Espana, Manila.

Home of the Growling Tigers, The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is known for many things, from its Christmas traditions to its Hogwarts-like image whenever there’s a storm.

But there’s more to UST than what’s shared in social media. Here are things that every Thomasian must do to experience the full-blown university life in UST.


Thomasian Welcome Walk

Photo: Steven Estrella

A shoutout to all Thomasian freshmen, this one’s for you. It’s a UST tradition that all freshies enter the arch of the centuries as a symbol of welcoming them in the UST Campus.


Braving the university flood

Photo: Kelvin Siongco

UST is famous for its unpredictable floods during the rainy season. We’re pretty sure that you won’t graduate without having to leave your building and be greeted by an ankle or knee-high flood.


Eat at Dimsum Treats and Angkong


The two Siomai houses are a must visit in UST. Whenever Thomasians are on “gipit” mode, sa siomai ang kapit. Be careful with Dimsum Treats’ spice condiments though, they’re not for the fainthearted.


Get high with Banana-rhuma

Photo: Patrick Palencia

Aside from Dimsum and Angkong, Mang Tootz’ Banana-rhuma is also a requirement for all Thomasians. Whether you’re from Espana, Dapitan, or Lacson Avenue,  when you’re craving for Banana-rhuma, you will go to P. Noval for that special turon.


Watch at least one UAAP Game


The UAAP season is a serious matter in UST. And that is not a joke. We’re talking lines beginning midnight for a finals game ticket or the cheerdance; students cutting classes just to watch the game in the arena or at the building lobby. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell). You don’t want to feel left out during your barkada’s post game syndrome, right?

Have more than one yellow shirt for Yellow Days

Photo: Team 1611

Since we’re talking about the UAAP hype in UST, let this be a reminder that one yellow shirt is NOT enough. Yellow days in UST are a symbol of the Thomasian Community’s support for its athletes, and these are announced unexpectedly. In 2015, UST had five Yellow Days straight during the Men’s Basketball finals. And to be honest, we all ran out of yellow shirts to wear. So best be prepared.


Make Tambay sa Lover’s Lane

Photo: Ellaessa Santos

No, Lovers’ Lane is not for lovers only. Lover’s Lane is the place to be for group reviews for prelims and finals, practicing for your dance class in PE (what luck), you name it. Students also make tambay at the Lover’s Lane to kill time during a long free period. Not a fan of Lovers’ Lane? That alright. The Quadricentennial Park is right behind the main building waiting for you.


Get spooked by that one certain hallway in the UST museum.


When touring the UST Museum (students get free entrance, btw), there will be that one hallway you dare not to enter. We tried, we didn’t succeed. We won’t tell which hallway it is; you just figure it out on your own. *insert evil laugh*


Attend Paskuhan Festivities

Photo: TomasinoWeb

UST’s Christmas activities are something you should NEVER miss. We’re serious about this. UST is famous for the Paskuhan, an event that includes a star-studded concert, extravagant firework displays, and free food.


Stain your uniform with /loving/ notes during BaccMass

Photo: TomasinoWeb

The Baccalaureate Mass signifies that you have graduated from the university (huhu). Apart from the traditional exit walk at the arch of the centuries, seniors have their uniforms signed by their classmates, orgmates, and sometimes their favorite athletes (if you’re brave enough).

Keep this list in your back pocket as you complete the ultimate Thomasian bucket list before you exit the arch of the centuries!




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