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Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement Beauty Life and Style 

Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement

Everybody experiences bouts of insecurity at some point in their life; but there are specific people who bring others down for no apparent reason aside from because they want to or because they can.

This is why the Body Positivity Movement is such a huge leap to knock down body shaming among people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and personal preferences.

But after a little digging and reflection, some dark truths have become apparent about BPM. Its road, paving the way to self-love and confident self-awareness, definitely needs a little more light.

Body Positivity champions confidence and acceptance

With all the haters bringing people down, it is only natural to combat that with a whole lot of self love and self-confidence. For plus-sized women and men, it is good that you love your body; but in a different light, it also promotes a certain negligence when it comes to health.

Not aiming for the ‘buff bod’ or “summer bods” isn’t a problem, but remember that unhealthy isn’t flattering, either. No matter how much confidence you have, if being too big or not realizing that your weight might already be a problem is something you still don’t consider, then maybe you should think twice.

Body positivity is about loving your body– and that means accepting its flaws and doing your best to take care of it. It may mean that you have to change a few things but that doesn’t equal to another body type being better than yours. The focus is loving your body and taking care of it.

It’s inclusively exclusive

When the term body positivity comes up, the automatic response is to think about confident, plus-sized models fronting swimsuit magazine covers. But there is so much more to BPM than that.

Though the idea for body positivity spawned because of the beauty business’ exclusivity when it comes to certain traits, the faces of this movement are no different at all. They are still considerably beautiful people who have the “right proportions”, blessed with the make up skills to match

Although the beauty spectrum has indeed expanded, the faces and promoters still look too beautiful, too cookie-cutter to represent the real concept behind body positivity. In a way, plus-sized, (stereotypically) unattractive people, and differently-abled people are not fronted (and flaunted) and are kind of excluded from the face of the movement that had them in mind to begin with.

Realizing the right things

The Body Positivity movement is all about realizations– realizing that you’re enough, you’re beautiful, and that other people are not the standard that you should set for yourself. But apart from aesthetic and physical appearances, it’s knowing what your body is and what it needs. A “beat” face won’t cover up the stomach ulcer you got from not eating right; going out in a swimsuit with all your plus-sized glory won’t hide the shade you throw around to other races or body types.

The Movement itself, the idea behind its power still holds true– beauty is all encompassing. There are just some things that get lost in translation and execution; love and self-love is more than confidence and flaunting what your momma gave you. Self-awareness is key to taking care of yourself: know who you are, your body, what you want, and what your body needs.

Keep pushing the positive movement forward, luvs! The world needs to know what real love is.




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