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Wanderlust Generation on a budget: X Pilipinas Travel 

Wanderlust Generation on a budget: X Pilipinas

Not everyone can afford to travel. Some snob the idea just because it hurts their bank account. But hey, who says you’ll end up broke when you can enjoy travelling even on a tight budget? Not convinced? Save your worries, X Pilipinas will enlighten you.


Unlike other people who fancy luxury tours and accommodations when traveling, the people behind the group X Pilipinas thinks otherwise. Embedded with the love for adventures and camaraderie; Hesus Sandino Laygo, Lerry Singian and Ryu Maningas have conquered the Philippines’ hidden gems, beyond the mainstream destinations. Wondering why they’re named X Pilipinas? It is because they wanted to fill out the Philippine map with Xs.


Carrying stuffed backpacks full of clothes and camping essentials, the three had nothing else but savings from their school allowance and friendship. But that didn’t stop them from creating memories and enjoying every trip. In fact, one of their advocacy is to let people know that you can roam around the Philippines without burning your money. Here are some of their tips:


  1. Always find alternatives


Photo by X Pilipinas
Meat Delivery. Photo by X Pilipinas

Some locals will tell you to ride this and that. But the truth is; there are alternatives to save money. Always be vigilant and ask if there are other options because you are on a tight budget. They’ll surely advise you to something cheaper.


        2.Get fit


Photo by X Pilipinas
Dime on a footstep. Photo by X Pilipinas

X Pilipinas mentioned that once in their trip that they ditched the habal-habal that costs P400 pesos, instead, they walked for about 4-6 hours to get to their destination. But along the way, what they witnessed is an extraordinary view and irreplaceable memories.


     3. Use resources at home

When you know you’ll need something that you have at your home, try to bring them with you on the trip. Always use your money wisely.


     4. Cook your own meals

Photo by X Pilipinas
Feast. Photo by X Pilipinas

This means you’re going to invest in cooking wares and equipment that are easy to carry when traveling. Yes, X Pilipinas themselves do this and even catch seafoods to feast for lunch and dinner.


     5. Experiment

Photo by X Pilipinas
We’re the island. Photo by X Pilipinas

As cliche as it sounds, it’s always a good idea to step out of your own comfort zone – even in traveling. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you’ve never done camping, why not give it a shot. Doing this will help you save money and use them to other things like adventures.


    6. Be flexible

Sometimes, things do not always go on your way, so you’ll have to adjust to the situation. Be brave to try new things but make it a habit to always stick to your budget.


Money is nothing when your safety is compromised, so always be smart to know the difference between your life and money. After all, no adventure is worth remembering if you’re life is at stake. So have fun, conquer your fears and let’s fill out the Philippine map with Xs.




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