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WATCH: Martial law victims shared their experience to millennials Viral 

WATCH: Martial law victims shared their experience to millennials

On May 3, Campaign Against the Return of Marcoses to Malacañang (CARMMA) Facebook page, an anti-Marcos campaign network, posted a video showing young Filipinos being interviewed on what they know during Marital Law and on the later part of it, victims from the Marcos regime shared their tragic experiences.

In the beginning of the video, young Filipinos were asked on what they think of Martial Law during Marcos regime, and they confidently affirmed that it was a good time—a period where discipline was a prevailing value.

Mas pinaiiral ang batas, may disiplina ang tao at alam nila ang curfew,” said one of the interviewees

Afterwards, the interviewers introduced themselves as human rights victims during Marcus regime. They were Danilo dela Fuente, Marie Maiso, Rodel Briones and Lourdes Victoriano.

They each shared their harrowing experiences during martial law which included rape, harassment, detention and electrocution.

“I was detained. I was raped,” said Victoriano, a rallyist during that time.

The young ones were appalled and surprised by the horrible stories of the victims, and admitted that these stories were not taught in school.

The video campaign intended to encourage people to sign a petition to rewrite history books to include gruesome tales of human rights victims.

As of May 04, the video has already reached over 1million views, more than 17,000 reactions and 46,000 shares.



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