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WATCH: Sam Concepcion/SKYZE’s new music video “Afterglow” Entertainment Music 

WATCH: Sam Concepcion/SKYZE’s new music video “Afterglow”

After gracing the Kalsada with his latest album, “Bago”, Sam Concepcion marks his comeback in the Philippine music industry this time as “SKYZE” in the Afterglow music video.

Afterglow is a collaboration between Skyze (Sam Concepcion) and producer Moophs – the song was released just last October.

Skyze is actually Sam’s alter ego in the EDM industry. (Read: Say Hello to SKYZE, the other side of Sam Concepcion)

The entire music video was shot in Japan – where Sam was chosen to be one of the promoters of the Tohoku region.

Watch Sam’s newest music video here.



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