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We totally ship Anthony Bourdain and Jollibee on the season 7 opener of ‘Parts Unknown’ Food Life and Style 

We totally ship Anthony Bourdain and Jollibee on the season 7 opener of ‘Parts Unknown’

If you think nobody beats Foreignay turned Korean idol Sandara Park’s love for Jollibee, think again.


Anthony Bourdain opened the seventh season of the popular food and travel documentary show on CNN by fulfilling his promise of returning to the Philippines, emulating that of every balikbayan story an OFW goes through. And of course, the food critic and TV host made sure his comeback in Manila included a stop at Jollibee, because who wouldn’t?

It hasn’t been long since Bourdain and the Filipino icon crossed paths for the first time. In 2013, the longtime celebrity chef visited a Jollibee branch in California where he ordered, among many other Jollibee staples, an Aloha Burger (which he noted as a “very tasty burger”), a Spam Little Big Bite, and halo-halo. You might want to know about one thing he has to say about the favored dessert, just for humor:

“It makes no goddamned sense at all. I love it.”

Bourdain and Jollibee have met again, as if by fate, a little over two years later in Manila. He was shot casually lining up at the store before ordering the best-selling Chickenjoy meal, along with Jolly Spaghetti and a Yum burger with cheese. He called the spaghetti “deranged yet strangely alluring” for its sweet, ketchup-y tomato savory and the hotdogs’ odd complementary to the taste. We feel the same way, Anthony.

The episode also showed Bourdain and his team taking a tour of the branch’s kitchen which revealed how the Jollibee crew makes their awesome Chickenjoy and juicy Yum burgers that truly highlight Jollibee’s “bida ang sarap”.



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