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What’s inside your bag? Be prepared for the rainy season Life and Style 

What’s inside your bag? Be prepared for the rainy season

The  Rainy season is here, are you prepared for it?

The rainy weather is always taking us by surprise, which is why it’s always good to be ready for anything. Don’t let the rain catch you off guard – always bring these rainy season essentials! Rainy day? No problem!

As the Boy Scouts always say, “Laging Handa!”’

To face the wind and rain, first of all, you need a sturdy waterproof bag. A backpack is most convenient to travel with. However, it’s up to you if you prefer a different type of bag. A bag is the first protection your things would have from getting wet.

Plastic sealable bags are also important to keep your gadgets and important things dry in case water manages to seep through your bag. Plastic bags are also good for storing your wet stuff inside so that your dry stuff wouldn’t get wet as well.

Now that your stuff is secured, it’s time to make sure you don’t get wet. Always bring an umbrella. Even if it’s not the rainy season, an umbrella is an all-time essential. Even during the dry season, your umbrella can protect you from the harsh sun. Your umbrella is your best friend.

A first aid kit is also good for all seasons. Essentials include band-aids, disinfectants like alcohol and soap, and medicine. Keep it in a pouch or a case that is easily accessible to you.

If a storm is sure to come, bring slippers and extra clothes. A towel is also good. Our work/school shoes aren’t always prepared for the flood or the torrid rain, so slippers would save your favorite footwear from damage. In case you get wet, an extra set of clothes would protect you from catching a cold. Quick-dry fabric is recommended.

Clothes that you can layer on is also a good idea. Jackets and coats protect you from the water and the cold the rainy season can bring.

The frequent rain brings insects with it. During the rainy season, mosquitoes and other bugs seem to enjoy the weather and find it best to come out and play. An insect repellent will keep these bugs from trying to party with you.

The rainy season can bring about a lot of inconveniences, but a day with rain doesn’t have to be a bad day. With these tools in hand, you’re sure to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Remember to be careful as you brave the flood and the wind, and prepare to seize the day!



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