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Where is Sandara Park’s former ‘ka-loveteam’ Hero Angeles? Entertainment Movies and TV 

Where is Sandara Park’s former ‘ka-loveteam’ Hero Angeles?

We know, we’re asking the same question as well.

While many of know that Sandara Park, after her run in Star Circle Quest and a few shows and movies, she went back to Korea and became a member of the K-Pop Group, 2NE1.

But, where is Hero Angeles, who won Star Circle Quest in 2004 and became Sandara’s ka-loveteam in the movie “Can this be Love?”

Well, Hero has made appearances in Nathaniel, a Maalaala mo Kaya (MMK) episode in 2016. This year, Hero is set to star in a Mother’s Day special episode of MMK on Saturday, May 13.

Hero will play a transgender woman who stands as a mother for a boy.

Watch Hero’s return to the television screen here.




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