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Voila! A Whole Lot Of Extra with Cafe Voi La Food Life and Style 

Voila! A Whole Lot Of Extra with Cafe Voi La

If you’re one for things just slightly off and a bit extra, then we think Cafe Voi La in Tagaytay might just be your new haven. For justly priced food coupled with appropriate (or should I just say huge?) servings, Cafe Voi La seems like something straight out of a well-traveled 8-year old’s imagination

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Facing a traditional Japanese home-looking slanted on a steep road, you walk towards their entrance lit by Christmas lights hung on a wreath on the door frame, passing between two Malaysian guard dog statues; you’re greeted by Japanese lantern chandeliers and servers that will lead you to plush, vibrant coloured couches (warning! You can’t put your feet up, sorry).

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Looking around, you’ll see a tastefully done patchwork of different Asian influences. Just as their menu is a mishmash of bold and exciting flavors, usually with strange and daring twists. A mix of western, Asian, and with a touch of Mediterranean-inspired look and feel, their menu consists of an all day breakfast set which serves western and Filipino all-time favorites like Eggs Benedict and Longganisa.

Their main dishes are a curious but exciting concoction of Filipino favorites with a dash of exotic experimentation like their Grilled Norwegian Salmon and their own version of Kare Kare; going into the more uniquely mouthwatering delicacies, their House Specialties menu is t where you can find your all time favorite dishes from all over southeast Asia. From Pad Thai to a variety of Spring Rolls to different types of Curry offerings, Voi La is surely something extra for the taste tripper in you.

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For dessert, be sure to try one of their many cheesecakes with a cup of something new like their Vietnamese Latte, Cortado, or a Taro Affogato. Enjoy a refreshing taste trip and dine with them today!

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